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Monday, November 25, 2013

Spotlight: Catherinette Bloomers

Saint Catherine is the Catholic matron saint of unmarried girls, and the Feast of Saint Catherine falls on November 25th each year.  In France, women who were 25 and still single on this date were deemed "Catherinettes" and celebrated with elaborate hats--and wishes of a fast marriage, naturally.  Although the tradition is obviously outdated, it's allegedly still practiced by some young ladies with a sense of irony.

Because of this tradition, St Catherine became the patron saint of hats, and the French millinery industry celebrated every year, as well.  Milliners would throw an "all-day party with champagne, dancing and sweets, while making elaborate and outrageous hats for the Catherinettes among them." (source)

The deadstock millinery bow and charming vintage feeling of our sweet bloomer shorts gave them the name 'Catherinette Bloomers'--it wasn't until later that we learned the full story behind the term!  It's too charming, and the perfect name for these cheeky silk bloomers, suitable for girls of every age and marital status.

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