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Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Perfect Holiday Wishlist

We've put together a little wishlist of our favorite things this holiday season.  Oh Santa, baby...

Pirouette Necklace by she and reverie because... we want a little she and reverie wherever we go--and this limited-edition necklace, handmade at our studio, is the perfect way to do it. $23
Sweet Nothings Necklace by In God We Trust because... we wear our hearts on our sleeves (or collarbones) $50
Swansfeather Slip by she and reverie because... a flirty little circle-skirted slip is the perfect thing to wear the night-before-Christmas, especially when it's ethically manufactured. $225
Felt Fox Collar by Samantha Stas because... a felted fox with rhinestone eyes is better than the real thing. $30
Brown suede shoes by Chicadecanela*Goldenponies because... it's so hard to find nice, affordable handmade shoes, and these have bows on them! $142
Artemisia Eau de Parfum by Penhaligons because... it smells like clean skin, but sweeter--and the bottle has unicorns on it, of course. $153
1950s Full-Fashioned Stockings by Kay Marel because... authentic vintage reproduction stockings are better with a little bow at the ankle. $32.50
Mini Bow bag by Miu Miu because... really, why not? $1195

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