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Sunday, October 21, 2012

"DIY glitter oxford flats" OR: "I will put glitter on everything"

Before the above photo happened, my leather oxfords were looking a little... awful.

(sorry you had to see that.)

Purchased as cute, easy shoes for a vacation,
these beat-up little brogues have crossed the country from NY to CA,
walked the gardens of Versailles and the bridges of Venice,
and gotten me out of some (sometimes literally) sticky situations and back home again--
from a nice afternoon walk back from tea, to a rainy 3 AM after a great concert.

The heels are worn down and there are practically holes in the bottom, but I just couldn't toss them.

So with a thin layer of white glue, a sprinkling (or a blizzard?) of white-gold glitter,
a bit of all-weather sealant spray, and some pink satin ribbons,
I gave my well-worn shoes a little kitsch.

These took a total of maybe 10 minutes to do--and was totally free,
thanks to a large collection of ultra-fine glitter and pink ribbons.

They're not 100% weatherproof
--only splashproof, like most of us--
but it's nice to get a little more wear out of something so well-loved.