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Monday, May 18, 2015

she and reverie: ethical fashion means a fairytale ending for everyone

We manufacture in New York City for a reason.

The workers who make our clothes are paid a living wage, in safe, bright factories.

Let's make "fashion" and "exploitation" mutually-exclusive.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Legs Are Not For Running: a film collaboration

We're big fans of our friends at Brooklyn-based indie pop project Flocke, so it was a no-brainer that we collaborate together on the whimsical, enchanting video for the song ‘Legs Are Not For Running' from Flocke's upcoming album.

Wanting to create something that suits our shared fairytale aesthetic, we teamed up with videographer Amanda Blohm and choreographer/dancer Andrea Jane Dispenziere.

The all-female collaboration culminated in something strange and wonderful, combining ethereal apparel, dance, and projections with Flocke’s lush & dreamy chamber pop. That hook will get stuck in your head in the best way:

It's a rare chance to see our new Dreamland Skirts & Sunlight Slip Dresses in their natural habitat--an enchanted fairytale forest in Brooklyn, of course--before they end up happily in your closet.

Flocke's album 'Bye Polar Bear' will be released later this year, but you can shop the clothes now on our web boutique!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Dreamland Lookbook

Silver lockets hang amongst scattered nosegays of pink flowers and vintage folding fans, carrying paintings of a Dreamland where centaurettes play violins and gather flower garlands beneath vibrant pastel skies. Our Dreamland print is a menagerie of keepsakes and tiny worlds, sweet beautiful things that exist just for the sake of it, all printed onto super-soft airy washed cotton.

When I was thinking about our lookbook for Dreamland, I thought of Nicole Anne Robbins.

Nicole and I almost crossed paths so many times before we were finally introduced. She lived in Denver just after I did. She lived on my block in Brooklyn just before I moved here. But we finally met through Risa Robins-Moloney, the real-life human fairy spirit who did makeup for our Camp Versailles lookbook.

Nicole has a cerebral-yet-dreamy point-of-view of the world, and spent much of last year travelling the country, filming her journey and talking with people about love. Technically, we haven't even met yet; I got really sick when she was in NYC and things kept coming up, so our schedules never worked out.

Her journey inspired me to re-examine the role love--all kinds of love--plays in my life. I relate so much to her magnificently crazy wanderlust and her drive to learn about love and connectedness. Plus, her work is just beautiful.

Even though she wasn't going to be on the East coast for a while, I thought, let's just make this happen. So I sent her a package of our samples for this new print, and we made it happen in the flower fields outside LA.

Welcome to Dreamland: Made in New York, shot in Los Angeles.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The importance of loungewear

"To me, it doesn't seem right to keep clothes we don't enjoy for relaxing around the house. This time at home is still a precious part of living. Its value should not change just because nobody sees us ... Precisely because no one is there to see you, it makes far more sense to reinforce a positive self-image by wearing clothes you love.

The same goes for pajamas. If you are a woman, try wearing something elegant as nightwear ... What you wear in the house does impact your self-image."

--Marie Kondo on loungewear in her (a little bit wacky, a little bit helpful) book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Florida Color

The more I travel, the more I realize all places are just places, but each one has its own brand of magic that leaves a little print on your mind when you visit. The southern parts of Florida, from Key West to Miami's South Beach, are full of strange places that are swampy and beachy, quiet and vibrant, kitsch and deco. One thing that stays consistent is intense, saturated pastel color, from the brightest aqua ocean water to the pink Art Deco hotels on Ocean Drive.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring Inspiration: Saccharine Wanderlust

Warm sun & bright foliage, drinking tea on rooftops & lounging on the waterfront, new cotton dresses and weaving flowers into your hair... we're so ready for Spring! Our next print is our most vibrant, colorful one yet, and we can't wait to share it with you. In the meantime, bask in the warmth of some of the sweet and saturated images that inspired it. Click the image for the source...

vintage card/<3  Collector's Lockets from BHDLN: Each locket is handpicked based on exquisite details such as unique clasps, silhouettes and metal work, as well as original engravings and photographs which have remained intact. Each is estimated to date anywhere from the early 1900s to 1940s. 
pastel quilt 
Vintage Perfume Frosted Glass Bottle with Atomizer, Lace, Flowers, Fringe 
空の色!Floral temporary tattoos 
 The locket in the middle with the moon and star looks like a bracelet my grandma had. Lovely. Collectors Lockets from BHLDN 
~~froebelii water lily - perfect for small pond~~

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lounge DIY: a vintage-inspired kitsch crown

Inspired by a vintage pipe cleaner crown, I wanted to make a New Years Eve headpiece, suitable for how excited I am about 2015! It turned out so perfectly I decided to make a lounge-y DIY tutorial--a super easy, sweet little project you can do from your bedroom.

The original crown was probably from the 1960s, and was decorated with gold painted leaves, plastic grape bunches, and black glass bead strands. I wanted to channel my own aesthetic into the idea, so I bought bunches of pastel roses, faux birds and cut crystal chains. This is a perfect way to use up those projectless findings in the bottom of your craft box.